Celebration of Growth as CORE Turns One

31 August 2017

After successfully completing a 12-month pilot phase, CORE is now building on its early growth with expansion plans, new partnerships and a digital skills program.


CORE’s Growing Global Network of Innovation Hubs: First Oil & Gas Connection

22 August 2017

CORE is growing its network of global resources and energy hubs focused on addressing challenges through disruptive digital technologies. We are excited to announce our most recent agreement with Station Houston, signed on 1 August 2017.


Global Resources and Technology Connections Strengthened Between Innovation Hubs

26 October 2016

On Wednesday 26 October, a reciprocal exchange agreement was signed between CORE Innovation Hub and Caterpillar Ventures. This is the first step for CORE in establishing a network of global resources tech hubs. Both organisations have the shared objective of connecting startup communities and associated corporate networks to international opportunities, and a mutual interest in identifying these opportunities, whilst leveraging common strengths in resources and energy.


Perth's Global Vision for Resources Innovation at CORE

5 October 2016

On Wednesday 5 October, CORE Innovation Hub formally launched in the Perth CBD, with industry leaders who are helping to shape the future of the resources and energy sector through collaboration, technology and innovation.