What does the resources and energy sector need to ensure its workforce is equipped with the skills of tomorrow?

As technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Automation are bringing productivity and growth opportunities to the resources and energy sector, there is high uncertainty around industry’s level of preparedness to transition its workforce to embrace this digital capability into the future. Only 53% of Chief HR Officers were reasonably or highly confident of the adequacy of their organisations’ internal workforce strategy to prepare for the level of reskilling required to undergo this digital transformation and to limit anticipated redundancies.

Being able to make informed, rapid decisions is the ultimate power for an organisation. Building capability centred around data science will require that businesses make skills development and future workforce strategy central to their growth plans.

CORE will deliver a professional skills program in 2018, combining existing practices with resources knowledge and enabling technology, to support industry’s successful digital transition. This is being done in partnership with universities and sector leaders to ensure industry-led, on-demand and transformative content.

CORE is building 2 specific opportunities in the immediate term and is seeking early interest from potential collaboration partners.

  • 2-day Executive Education course aimed at a new type of senior leader who will successfully steer companies through the upcoming change and transition.


  • 12-week, one day a week skills training ‘Geoscientist to Data Scientist’ course aimed at repurposing capability effectively to match evolving skills requirements.

These courses are intended for practitioners from the mining and energy industries including those with interests in geoscientific and data science.

The programs are scheduled for Q1 2018 with dates to be confirmed. A draft course outline is available by request and a prospectus with details on participation and cost is being prepared.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are invited using the form below. Please note completion of the EOI form and confirmation receipt does not constitute acceptance to the program.

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You are invited to send and questions or comments you have to: sophie@corehub.com.au.

Thank you very much.