All business expenditure must be supported by valid tax invoice as per requirements below:

NOTE: EFTPOS receipts cannot be accepted as valid tax invoice.

A valid Tax Invoice must:

  • Be called a “Tax Invoice”;

  • Contain the supplier’s identity and Australian Business Number (ABN);

  • If the total price of the supply is $1,000 or higher, the recipient’s identity or ABN (“Bill to CORE Hub Pty Ltd” written on invoice);

  • Show a description of the good or service being supplied, including quantity and price;

  • Show the amount of GST payable for each taxable supply or extent to which the supply is not subject to GST.

Employee should make a reasonable attempt to obtain a valid tax invoice.

In rare instance that the tax invoice is lost and/or cannot be obtained Lost or Unobtainable Tax Invoice Declaration must be used. CORE will be unable to claim an input tax credit in these circumstances. Any available non-invoice documentation to support the claim should be attached to the statement.

Transactions without sufficient supporting documentation may be rejected and returned to the Employee for correction or will not be reimbursed.

Tax Invoice Requrements.jpg