Start-up in Residence

The CORE Startup in Residence program supports CORE’s mission to bring about a Cultural shift in the resources and energy sector to being more innovative and collaborative. The Startup in Residence is an active member of the CORE coworking community who support the CORE startup and SME community through sharing their experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. Members of the Startup make themselves available to member companies to assist them on their innovation journey by providing mentoring and advice.



RaptorTech provides technology management services to heavy industry specialising in IoT, telemetry, automation and machine interface technologies. 

Co-founders Jean Ferreira  and Aaron Locke are available to meet with CORE members most Tuesdays by appointment.

Michael Del Borrello & Simon Vincent

Newton Labs

CORE's inaugural Startup in Residence was Newton Labs, an award-winning data analytics and engineering company based in Perth. They design and build IoT systems for the mining industry to enable real-time intelligence and decision making.

Since starting Newton Labs in 2014, Founders Simon Vincent and Michael Del Borrello have travelled the ResourcesTech Start-up path, establishing themselves as preferred suppliers for Rio Tinto, undertaking site trials, protecting IP and securing investors.