Leading Data Scientists for Executives



March, May, July, September 2019 in Perth and mid-2019 in Brisbane.


This CORE Skills Executive program is a 1-day education program for senior management, developed and facilitated by elite Industry Gamechangers and leading resources educators. 

We are building peer groups in resources company leadership, to act as coaches, as a community of leaders. If executive participants think they grasped it the first time within the program, it is going to be an order of magnitude more powerful leading people to results by applying it.


The 1-day program is designed for a range of senior executives in the resources and energy sector with oversight of people, strategy and organisational performance. You will typically be responsible for line management, budgets and contributions to organisational strategy, including:

  • Directors

  • CEOs

  • Executive Managers

  • General Managers

  • Senior Managers

  • Any role material to the bottom line of your organisation

Click here for information about the paired 15-day professionals program.


Digital technologies and the resulting flood of data promise to re-order the resources sector as we know it. 

Learn what it takes to harness opportunities to overcome known industry challenges in the data science era, and embrace the disruptive context we are in

Complacency in today’s paradigm is a career- and company-limiting move. Take a journey with CORE Skills and senior industry peers to develop better solutions through the transition.


This program is a hands-on, practical exploration of key themes of strategy, culture and innovation to create, reveal, and capture value by leading in resources. We contend that the best business leaders test assumptions underpinning their plans daily not annually.

While participants will likely have received extensive leadership training already, this program will deliver a toolkit with you and for you: improving the clarity of your personal role and the needs of your organisation. Explore and analyse problems to work out which really are company specific, and which are shared by your peers across mining and energy. 

In data-driven firms, executives who persist in using old-fashioned ways to measure and manage worker productivity risk missing key drivers of performance. Release huge value for yourself by getting out of the day-to-day and business-as-usual mindsets. Step outside your business to actively assess broader issues and challenge yourself to think like an intrapreneur.

Good leadership and governance in the resources business today requires leaders to be able to translate opportunities drawing on a far deeper understanding of potentially out of sector tech, and weak signals from the globalised marketplace. In the age of disruption, we seek to build resilient change agents to provide the:

  • Seed for first wave of organisational change, and

  • Licence to experiment, create and deliver success through action.


The Leading Data Scientists Executive program has three focus areas:

  • First, we explore how disruption is coming and how disruption will impact you directly and personally. We will ask how world-class organisations develop a risk radar for visibility into the technical and business context of key dimensions of digital technologies and data science and how these factors are transforming the resources sector. Digital technology is expected to shift the boundaries of companies and influence which activities are execute internally and which reside in networks.  We will also explore the people aspects of disruption including business models as leaders, employees, and community members. Get versed in the dynamic incoming value and productivity opportunity from technologies creating tremendous gains today. Our high-intensity discussions and scenarios will test how leaders think and behave.


  • Second, not all disruptions nor their drivers are created equal. What data do we need to generate from pilot projects in our business? What insights might we gain?  Are there high leverage gaps that we could close?  The big topic is considering how innovation can flourish in a corporate environment. What is needed to unblock and capture the gains? Great ideas need to be able to percolate up and through. In a small company a skilled person can be entrepreneurial but in large corporates both cryptic and overt barriers can block progress and erode value. Where are the disrupting agents in your business? How will you personally contribute to maximising the release of locked and hidden value?


  • The final focus area prepares participants to think forward to embed sustainable change in their organisation. We will ask leaders to think critically and uncover their own personal imperatives to “make it happen” and redefine commitments to “make it last”. This part of the program will prepare leaders to unleash their visioning and enabling talents towards amplifying their organisations through their in-house peer network, and in preparation to serve, lead, and inspire the 15-day participants from their organisation. In organisations we often talk about the business or culture as something someone else needs to fix. A big part of this program encourages leaders to take responsibility within the disruption. The full partnership Executive program measures leadership behaviours before and after the program to close the gap.

Contact CORE Skills Lead Brodie McCulloch for more information at brodie@corehub.com.au.


I spent the whole day thinking. Great to be away from PowerPoint thinking about my company and our problems.
Linking the mathematical models and mental models helped me and answered my questions...discussions with the mixed company groups got me out of my blinkers.
Structure of the leaders 1 day program was really good at building momentum.
The self-reflection process was the best part for me – it could be me that needs to change.
This program opened my eyes to some of the work already done in my organisation – we need to get better at managing internal collaboration to harness the benefits of the great initiatives we have.
Great to hear so many leaders focus on the value of data architecture.
Helpful to hear first-hand and know that others in the room share some of our challenges … sharing was really powerful.
What a wonderful intense program – I feel enabled to go and support our 12-week participants.
The language we used helps pick up and reinforce the enabling behaviour we need to permeate as we grow our data culture.
You have provided me some justification to take back to my business to create action.