Innovation Ecosystems Study

CORE is proud to be the subject of a longitudinal study being undertaken by a research team from Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

Research team  Dr Bella Butler  (Curtin),  Professor Sharon Purchase  (UWA) and  Dr Daniel Schepis  (UWA).

Research team Dr Bella Butler (Curtin), Professor Sharon Purchase (UWA) and Dr Daniel Schepis (UWA).

Innovation Ecosystems: the case of a vertically-integrated Innovation space in the Australian resources sector (CORE Innovation Hub)

Our aims are to investigate:

The role of CORE in supporting start-ups and facilitating innovation development within the resources sector;

The role of CORE in fostering relationships between start-ups and other companies in the resources sector; and

Participating members’ perceptions of CORE’s benefits and value.


Our longitudinal study tracks CORE’s emergence as an important strategic contributor to the Australian resources sector. This research will capture innovation processes facilitated within CORE and its interaction with the broader innovation ecosystem. By taking a network perspective, we focus the importance of collaboration and value co-creation between start-ups and mature firms.

CORE has a unique model, in terms of industry context and mix of members, presenting a novel setting to understand industrial innovation. This research therefore makes a contribution in identifying the barriers and opportunities for inter-organisational innovation through start-ups in a collaborative hub environment. We also fill a gap in our understanding of managerial innovation, along with the traditional focus on technological innovation.

Expected outcomes:

Comprehensive case study of CORE and its participants, assessing multiple value perceptions.

Identification of the barriers to co-creation and the implementation of innovation.

Development of performance measures for hub activities.

International benchmarking against established innovation hub models around the world.


2016 – Commencement of case study

2017 – Completion of first round data collection and presentation of preliminary findings.

2018 – Second round of data collection tracking progress. Initiation of international data collection.

2019 – Completion of CORE case study and international benchmarking study.

Funding to date:

Initial funding by Curtin Faculty of Business and Law fund “Linkages with Businesses” 2016/2017

Funding for International benchmarking study through UWA Business School/BHP Distinguished Researcher Grant.

More information:

Research lead Dr Bella Butler: