Unearthing solutions to global resources challenges

CORE Foundation Partner Unearthed continues its global journey, breaking new ground in recent weeks with back to back hackathons in two new cities in North America: Denver and Vancouver. Over 150 innovators developed more then 30 prototypes for challenges from Barrick Gold, Teck Resources and SSR Mining. The prototypes can be viewed on Unearthed's website

Unearthed 2017.jpg

Unearthed's hackathons present a unique platform to connect innovators with miners searching for solutions to operational and technical challenges. All projects developed at the hackathons are 100% owned by the teams that develop them, providing the opportunity for commercialisation. Hackathons are one of the programs driving Unearthed's vision that 50 companies will emerge from their programs by the end of 2020.

They are well on the way to this bold goal. Unearthed has run about 20 competitions since 2014, engaging with more than 3,000 innovators and opening over 70 challenges from some of the world’s largest resources companies.

Demo Day held at The Flour Factory in Perth will be the final event of 2017 for Unearthed, a celebration of technology in the resources sector.

Unearthed Innovation Pathway.PNG