Soter Analytics' Startup story

CORE member Soter Analytics has been chalking up progress in the highly competitive, complex world of wearable tech. Through their CORE membership they've been introduced to people who could assist them grow. They received a $20,000 grant through NERA, demo’d at the Australian Oil & Gas conference and participated in Unearthed events. Last year they were finalists in the Startup Challenge (formerly OzApp Awards). 

"CORE assists by keeping us in the loop about everything that their Foundation Partners and other resources companies, government organisations and startups are doing. CORE hosts valuable events and programs that provide us with access to networking, funding and resourcing opportunities. Moreover, CORE’s proximity to all the big energy and resources organisations is a massive advantage," Matt Hart, Soter Analytics

We love supporting the growth of our members through supporting a culture of collaboration and open innovation within our community. We've got an amazing group of coworkers in our space and always happy to welcome more.

You can read more about Soter's technology and their partnership with CORE in the articles below and in this Medium Article.

26 April Startup News

Soter Analytics crowd funds $230K and looks for $270K more

7 May Mining Global 

How Soter Analytics works with the CORE Innovation Hub to provide wearable health tech for mining