Rio Tinto Mining, Innovation & Analytics Team Hold Internal Hackathon at CORE


As a technical specialist in visualisation at Rio Tinto, Simon Anderson is a software engineer who holds a senior technical role within the development team, delivering cutting edge mining software tools aimed at increasing productivity across mine sites within Rio Tinto.

His specialist position primarily involves 3D visualisation and computer graphics. He helps guide and create new innovative ideas as well as supporting the team’s existing software suite.


When Rio Tinto were looking to run an internal hackathon, the mining, innovation and analytics team saw holding the event at CORE as an excellent opportunity to shift out of their normal office environment, which at times can get quite busy and demanding. By setting up a separate space away from that setting, the team could exclusively focus on exploring new innovative ideas and technology involving VR, machine learning and ore body knowledge.


Simon and his colleagues enjoyed the hackathon, noting how close collaboration can lead to faster results. The environment was also key. In an ordinary office setting, attention is often divided; but at CORE, they could settle down in a private space and get to work, fully focused on the task at hand.

CORE already had all the resources the team needed to set up in the space. It also didn’t hurt to be surrounded by like-minded people and startup thinking. Later, the team had the opportunity to network with startups and other resources technology-focused groups at networking drinks, where they shared thoughts and insights with other industry professionals.

By the end of the three-day hack, the team had successfully created several interesting prototypes and projects, including a proof of concept, which they presented to management and are continuing pursue.