Foundation Partner Profile - Miranda Taylor, CEO, NERA

Miranda Taylor




  • CEO of NERA (National Energy Resources Australia)  
  • Director Environment, Safety & Operational Performance for APPEA (voice of Australia’s oil and gas industry) 
  • Honours Degree from the London School of Economics, London University in International Economics and Politics 
  • Post Graduate Degree in Labour Relations

Miranda has more than 20 years’ experience in strategic policy, risk management and stakeholder engagement, working with various industries and State and Federal governments. 
She has participated in numerous task forces and ministerial panels, and has presented at international oil and gas industry events. She also facilitated APPEA's interaction with the global industry in response to the Gulf of Mexico well control integrity disaster and the Australian Montara incident.


National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) has been established to maximise the value to the Australian economy by having an energy resources industry that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse. Through a national focus, NERA's role is to grow collaboration and innovation to assist the energy resources industry manage cost structures and productivity, direct research to industry needs, deliver the future work skills required and promote fit for purpose regulation. NERA is one of six Growth Centres established by the Australian Government under the Industry Growth Centres Initiative. It is an incorporated not-for-profit company governed by a board of industry experts to help drive projects to benefit the whole energy ecosystem in Australia.    


As the national body promoting innovation and collaboration within the oil and gas, uranium and coal sectors, it made perfect sense for NERA to have a working space within CORE, the sole resources innovation hub in the Perth CBD. This allowed their team to work near the innovators creating solutions to issues being faced by the industry and to the senior decision makers working across the industry. 


NERA is proud to be part of the establishment of the innovative, exciting working space that is CORE. Western Australia hosts so many energy resource operations that still have the potential to create significant economic opportunity for the state. It is therefore logical for NERA to partner with CORE and their stakeholders to build a pipeline of ideas and innovative solutions that will ensure a competitive, adaptive and resilient sector into the future.


Working amongst a wide range of innovators and entrepreneurs in the resources sector results in a great flow of ideas and dialogue on how best to ensure the future growth and sustainability of the industry. CORE has helped facilitate this by creating a range of unique working and interactive spaces. The team at NERA think it is vitally important to be readily available not only to those already working in the industry, but also to those individuals and SMEs looking for a way to connect with the sector.


  • Better managing cost structures and productivity  
  • Increasing collaboration and innovation opportunities
  • Directing research to industry needs
  • Delivering future work skills required
  • Promoting fit for purpose regulation