Foundation Partner Profile - Cameron Bowden, Manager WA, AUSTMINE


Manager WA of Austmine

Manager WA of Austmine


  • Manager, Western Australia at Austmine Responsible for all facets of the business for WA, including strategy development, promotion and growth of the business, engagement and retention of members in WA.  
  • 10+ years working for mining and construction giants such as Fortescue Metals Group and KBR.

Cameron has an in-depth understanding of what mining companies are looking for from the METS sector. He has developed an insider’s view into engagement with the sector, in terms of innovative solutions that address cost of production issues.
These businesses want to know how to do things smarter, better, and/or faster, to drive the cost of production down, maximise profits, and therefore counteract the current market conditions.


Austmine is the leading industry body in Australia for the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector, with over 350 corporate members. They promote the advancement and competitive positioning of Australian technology and collaboration and innovation in mining and resources. Their vision is to make Australia the true global hub for METS and continue to create opportunities for members globally.


When Austmine were looking to build their business in Western Australia and lift its profile in this key mining market, Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO of Austmine, saw CORE as a brilliant initiative to establish a full-time presence in the CBD, centrally located and within proximity to miners and METS alike. 


Being involved at the very beginning of CORE’s development as a foundation partner was a fantastic opportunity for Austmine to help shape the vision of what it would become.  Now that Austmine have established a permanent presence in this collaborative space, which aligns perfectly with one of their core strategies, they can be actively involved in and provide support as required to the industry. CORE helps Austmine to be proactive in engaging with established METS players, up and comers and startups alike and contribute to the promotion of collaboration across the industry.


Cameron relishes the chance to network and engage with people at CORE, particularly given the number of different events that are held there. This gives Austmine the occasion to participate and be involved with a diverse range of companies and individuals. Location wise, Cameron says that CORE is a fantastic place to meet with existing, new and prospective members in regards to business development.


Learning how you can join over 350 Leading METS Companies already in the Austmine Network, Australia’s premier mining industry body; how we can help deliver value and opportunities for your business by creating meaningful relationships and opportunities through our networks of METS, Miners, Research and Education Institutes. Be part of a growing team and network, determined to make Australia the global hub for METS through the collaboration, promotion, advancement and competitive positioning of Australian METS companies active in mining and resources.