NERA: Investigating Industry Clusters

NERA is investigating the power of, and potential, for establishing innovation clusters in Australia across the energy resources sector.

In the first instance, NERA is exploring the potential for a SME focused cluster in the oil and gas operations and maintenance sector, to identify business opportunities and to maximise commercialisation of innovation, value creation and export opportunities through collaboration.

Internationally over the last decade and more, innovation and industry focused clusters have successfully fuelled significant innovation, improved commercial outcomes from industry-SME-research sector collaboration, created new business opportunities, fostered strong technology and entrepreneurial SMEs and reinvigorated industries.

For Australian oil and gas, clusters can concentrate investments where the industry already has strengths and focus collective efforts on some big ticket areas where we can create transformational change in efficiency and technology uptake. Clusters can help the industry scale the next generation of global companies with the greatest potential to drive innovation, export growth and attract talent.

The outcomes of the recent NERA Innovation Cluster Workshop and presentations are now available for download.

NERA Innovation Cluster Workshop at CORE

NERA Innovation Cluster Workshop at CORE

As part of the next steps towards establishing a cluster, NERA will run a workshop for service and technology SMEs interested in collaborating and working within the oil and gas sector.

NERA Innovation Cluster Workshop at CORE

NERA Innovation Cluster Workshop at CORE

The workshop will assist SMEs to identify business opportunities through an innovative and collaborative approach. A panel discussion on the benefits of collaboration will also be held.

This is the first phase of NERA’s Opportunity Knocks SME program, to assist SMEs ensure their business has the commercial and technical capability to partner effectively with major oil and gas operators and contractors.

The workshop will be held on February 23 at the Collaboration Forum, within the AOG Expo at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you are interested in attending then register here.


NERA Innovation Cluster Workshop Presentations