Meet the Innovator: Jeannette McGill

Our Meet the Innovator Series connects the CORE community with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

For our final Meet the Innovator for 2018 we were lucky to be joined by Jeannette McGill, Head of Telstra Mining Services, as our guest innovator. It was a great discussion where Jeannette shared her thoughts on the importance of fostering a culture of ideation balanced with stage gate discipline to progress (or not) those ideas. She also highlighted the importance of diversity is a key to innovation, shared insights from her experience building teams, gave tips for ways startups can connect to big corporates and shared her excitement for the promise of 5G (huge impact in video).

Thanks also to guest interviewer Regina Flugge for her great insights and contribution to the discussion.

You can view the full interview below thanks to our Media Partner Niche Interview.