Innovation - More than just a good idea

Starting with breakfast and a roaming magician we knew we were in for a treat when leadership consultants Illuminate Group and CORE members Pressure Dynamics delivered a Performance and Innovation breakfast workshop at CORE. It was an information packed session that gave attendees some great take-aways.

We live in an age that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. We're post the 'Information Age' and are now operating in an 'Imagination Age' with constant change requiring organisations to respond with new insights and innovations to improve business. 

Organisations will either become the disrupter, or they risk being disrupted. To improve performance for innovation leaders need to encourage and raise up 'rebels' & 'disruptive' thinkers in our organisations

Achieving this requires a culture that encourages innovation and provides a mechanism for innovations to be realised. Insight combined with analytical thinking brings creativity, and creativity  combined with economic value brings innovation.

Attendees learned about the cognitive science behind innovation and how this can help organisations build a corporate culture that is more open to innovation. There are four things an organisation can to to increase cognitive insights, thereby increasing innovation:

1. Allowing time for self reflection.
2. Developing a culture of fun and enjoyment, where people are not under undue stress. 
3. Provide scope for for staff to ease focus and see problems in a new light.
4. Get enough sleep as this helps to lay down memories and make underlying connections.

We look forward to hosting their next workshop in July.