Influencing Change in the Policy Arena

Women in Energy hosted a breakfast event at CORE exploring ways to influence policy makers. The panelists had a range of valuable experience in government affairs and policy to draw from, which allowed for an interesting and insightful discussion in which they offered a range of valuable advice to those seeking to influence policy makers.

Sometimes influencing can be an art, a flash of brilliance, but it is often a long term endeavour. 

Developing good relationships with key stakeholders was a major factor in being an effective policy influencer.  Finding a champion for your cause who has a strong relationship with those you are wishing to influence can assist in opening dialogue. To develop these relationships and make them effective, influencers need to listen to stakeholders and understand their needs. This helps in knowing how to pitch and present your messages. 

Thanks to the panelists for giving their time and expertise to the discussion Michelle Shepherd, Megan Anwyl, Annabel Keogh and Brenna Pavey.