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CORE’s reciprocal agreement with CAT Ventures allows our members to access their amazing co-working space while in San Francisco. Chris Baudia, Co- Founder and CEO of GeoMoby has just returned from San Francisco and made use of this arrangement.

Chris noted there has been a trend over the last two to three years of tech startups moving from Palo Alto to San Francisco.

In the two months he was there he made numerous great contacts from VCs, serial entrepreneurs and advisors.

Chris had some tips for fellow entrepreneurs considering pursuing opportunities there

·       Networking is a lifestyle, you NEVER stop networking - everywhere, anywhere.

·       Most people who raised money quickly are the best networkers. You network for raising capital, get access to new clients, meeting people, raising your profile.

·       You can book an event every single day in San Francisco. It can be challenging to filter out the right events to attend. Sometimes, you can feel that you are wasting your time

·       Startup people REALLY want to help you out - pitch pitch pitch and don't be selfish if you can help them too.

·       Lifestyle in San Francisco is great - you can surf, hike, bike...

We’re looking forward to learning more from Chris at our next Meet the Innovator on 3 May at CORE.