CORE’s Growing Global Network of Innovation Hubs

Linking to the Energy Capital of the World


Station Houston

CORE is growing its network of global resources and energy hubs focused on addressing challenges through disruptive digital technologies. We are excited to announce our most recent agreement with Station Houston, signed on 1 August 2017.

The agreement provides a high-level framework for cooperation and referrals between organisations, enabling members from both communities to access space at one another’s hubs in Perth, Western Australia and Houston, USA. This is the first engagement for CORE with a startup hub serving “the energy capital of the world”.

This is the third agreement in CORE's growing network of global resources tech hubs and its first with an oil and gas hub. Other international hub partners are Caterpillar Ventures, a mining tech hub in San Francisco, USA and Fundación Chile, a non-profit organisation in Santiago, Chile that has a strong focus on the mining and energy sector, and encourages innovations that "move the border of the possible”.