CORE Welcomes Two New Additions to the Team

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CORE Welcomes New Additions


Tessa is our new community program manager! Fresh off the airplane from Vancouver, Canada, Tessa is enjoying the beautiful landscape, kangaroos, and warmer weather (yes, a Perth winter has a lot in common with a Canadian summer). Tessa’s previous career was in the film and television industry, but she’s excited for a change of pace from the so-called ‘glitz and glamour’ of the entertainment industry to the exciting world of start-ups here at CORE!


Currently undertaking her last semester at Edith Cowan University, studying a bachelor's degree in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. Jemima engages in volunteer work around her local community such as the young adults and youth programs at her church and with Red Frogs at various festivals and university events. She will be with Core for a few weeks as a marketing intern in order to gain experience in the field and make meaningful connections with people.