CORE Skills Catalyst Joins ESWA Board

Congratulations to our Skills Catalyst, Sophie Hancock, on her recent board appointment to Director at Earth Sciences Western Australia (ESWA).

Sophie Hancock CORE 230118.jpg

ESWA is a primarily industry funded not-for-profit organisation which supports the teaching of earth science in WA and increasingly around Australia. ESWA develops teaching and learning resources, provides professional development for teachers and supports activities in schools through school visits and field trips. 

Recognising the need for support for teachers in Earth Sciences, ESWA, a consortium of universities, the CSIRO, Minerals Industry partners, Oil and Gas Industry partners and other public and private organisations, formed in 2003.

She says “I look forward to supporting the ongoing growth of ESWA in its important work - to create and deliver innovative earth sciences, elevating this within the broader STEM talent pipeline. As a mineral exploration geologist I know how important earth sciences are to society as a whole in understanding contemporary issues. Further, I am excited to engage further ‘upstream’ in the earth science pipeline - in schools - to improve the quality of opportunities for students and teachers. This is an essential pre-condition if we wish to attract today’s students into the career opportunities of tomorrow.”

For more information, ESWA contacts, and access to resources please go to:

If you and your company would like to learn more about how to support ESWA please contact Jo Watkins, ESWA CEO at or 6436 8685.