Collaboration & Growth

CORE's First Year from the CEO

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CORE at one year reflects the growing potential of our resources technology community to help transform the future of the resources and energy sector; by harnessing the strength of our networks, increasing access to digital capability and building openness to engaging with new business models and innovators outside of the established organisation.

I acknowledge the strong support of our Foundation Partners NERA, METS Ignited, Austmine, WesTrac, Spacecubed and Unearthed, who were early advocates of the CORE vision and build, and are active in the hub. We are pleased they are continuing their commitment into our second year.

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Unearthed, our resident accelerator program is continuing to grow its global program of open innovation online challenges and events from Vancouver, Toronto, Denver, Houston, Buenos Aires, Santiago to Berlin and more. These are valuable networks and solutions that feed back into the CORE community.

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We are also especially proud of our startup members for achieving first site trials, attracting upwards of $5M in investment and being recognised with industry awards: Convergio was awarded the Mining & Metals experts award at the OSISoft Global User Conference in San Francisco; GotSkill was selected for the KPMG Energise 2.0 natural resources corporate accelerator program; Soter Analytics was the recipient of a NERA Innovation Voucher and was also a participant in a global accelerator program in Latvia to name but a few; and from the Subsea Australia Business Awards for 2016 & 17 we have Best New Enterprise winners PSM Subsea and Nexxis as members.

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We are continuing to build a global network of resources innovation hubs. We have reciprocal agreements in place with Caterpillar Ventures in San Francisco USA, Fundacíon Chile in Santiago and most recently Station Houston in the USA. Already four CORE startups have visited the San Francisco hub in the first 6 months.

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I am also delighted that our second year will see us continue to grow for our members by expanding our base in the Perth CBD and into Brisbane, where growth opportunities in the sector are significant and the startup community is strong.

Looking to 2020, where we see a real need to meet the skills of tomorrow, we are collaborating with industry and universities to deliver CORESkills in 2018, a professional program that combines domain knowledge with advanced digital capability to create new value for the sector.

Your ideas and energy contribute to the ever-growing strength of our resources tech community. We look forward to seeing you in the space soon.