Bright Minds to Big Challenges

During West Tech Fest, CORE proudly hosted an industry panel as part of the main day in the Perth Town Hall on 8 December. 
CORE CEO Tamryn Barker moderated the diverse panel, entitled “Bright Minds to Big Challenges”, which included the following authorities in the resources and energy sector:  

Tamryn posed speakers several questions around the following two broad themes, which underpin CORE's mission and are where the panellists have shown significant leadership: 

  1. How are we addressing the resources and energy sector's current and most significant challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship?
  2. How can we build collaborative, open and engaging platforms, communities and fora across the sector as a way of accelerating this approach?

The panel discussed showing leadership in a fast-paced industry by being immersed in the stream of knowledge, the importance of cultural change within organisations to positively affect stakeholders, the need to make the barriers to businesses more permeable, embracing failures to inform future direction, plus multiple methods of attracting tech talent to the sector.

West Tech Fest attendees were impressed by the diversity of the panel (five women and one man), and were extremely engaged with the interesting and varied points made during the discussion.