Analysing UAV user needs to improve performance

The low cost of UAV platforms and data acquisition has given rise to numerous suppliers, however for organisations procuring UAV acquired data there is a risk that the supplied data is not fit-for- purpose.

The CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) is undertaking research to better understand user needs for UAV data. This research will inform the development ofan automated software tool which will help users set specifications for an acquisition and check the quality of the supplied UAV products to ensure the products meet user requirements.

To do this the CRSI are seeking assistance from METS companies who supply or use  UAV/Drone based photogrammetry products to participate in a short survey.

The aims of this User Needs Analysis are to:
 Identify the strategies used to acquire/procure aerial photogrammetric (UAV) data
 Identify the range of applications in which aerial photogrammetric (UAV) data is employed
 Understand the specific acquisition and data requirements of these applications
 Understand the expectations users have for a quality assurance tool
 Produce a report documenting the findings of the study
 Use the results to inform the development of the quality assurance workflow and tool

The User Needs Analysis report will be published late October 2017. Information provided in the questionnaire will remain confidential and anonymous with the report will present only a collective analysis of the gathered data. Organisations participating in the survey will be
listed in the report unless they elect otherwise when completing the questionnaire.