Startup Muster - Understanding the Startup Ecosystem

Over the last three years, 3,881 startup founders, future founders and startup supporters have provided 178,879 answers in Startup Muster surveys, making it the largest survey of the Australian startup ecosystem.

This support has allowed Startup Muster to publish otherwise unknown insights about the Australian startup community in their annual reports and contribute de-identified data to 17 different organisations.  

The 2017 survey now open at, and if you are a startup founder, future founder or startup supporter then we encourage you to take part.

A small amount of your time will help ensure that our growing ecosystem is properly represented and supported.  You also get a chance to see how you compare to other participants in the survey as you progress.

This year, a new feature will allow survey participants to connect with each other.  Supporters can define the kind of startup they can best support, and startups will be able to engage with matching supporters, and to provide feedback on the whether their support was valuable.  More valuable engagements will be prioritised over time, giving founders a shortcut to supporters that have previously helped startups like their own.

As a founder it's sometimes hard to know which support options will be most helpful.  Instead of asking startup founders what they want, Startup Muster will show founders the supporters that have generated recommendations from startups like their own, opening up opportunities that they may not have considered.